Sunday, 20 September 2015

Barefoot Lessons

I think that everyone should walk barefoot for at least one trip in their lifetime.

This is what I have learnt from my barefoot experience:

Slow down

Slowing down does not mean doing less. In fact you are able to do more.

Being focussed does not mean doing less. Take the apple tree. She focusses on producing apples, so many that eventually she just can't hang onto them and they fall to the ground. She is not doing less by being focussed on just apples.

Focus on the journey, let's face it, the destination is coming regardless!

Make every footstep count

Be conscious of the weight of your

Walk every step on the earth as if you love her
Walk every step on the earth as if you love yourself

Allow yourself little freedoms

Be kind to yourself. You deserve it

Allow the child to be free within you

Remember who you are and what makes you smile

Do no be imprisoned by what is expected of you

Age is a number

Allow yourself little joys

Smile at the sun

Laugh at yourself

Accept yourself

Allow your body to 'be'

When I got back from my barefoot walk my feet were sore.

I decided to thank them for giving me such an amazing experience.

I bathed them with posh bubble bath in a bowl at the gite. I dried them as if I were drying the feet of someone I loved very dearly. I dried in-between the toes and rubbed them gently. I then got my rather lovely scented channel body cream (which I treated myself to on the ferry) and I lavishly rubbed it into my beautiful feet, who had given me this wonderful afternoon.

When I woke up the next day, I still loved my feet and I have looked after them since. I have listened to them and walked less heavy. My feet have taught me to listen to my body and to hear my sole/soul.

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