Thursday, 17 December 2015

Mantra Nativity at Pen Pych Community Primary School

What an incredible term we have had at Pen Pych Community Primary School where I have been contracted as Arts Consultant for Well Being in Primary Education for the last year and a term. This term we have focussed on Mindfulness.

Miss Price, the Head teacher and I have had one to one consultations with children and parents, a whole school origami experiment called LOVESWARM ...

And then for Christmas we worked with a small group of children to become peer leaders in mindfulness through music and mantra.

This little video is not of great sound quality, there is a distortion on the phone recording it, but never the less, it shows how our beautiful children can be equally as engaged in being still and quiet reflection through music.

The group performed this and 2 other pieces for the entire school who came a class at a time, sitting transfixed and almost mesmerised. Slowly but surely, they joined in, led by their peers, where my role is to hold the space for the children to 'be'.

Our aim next term is to extend child led Mindful Music sessions and start a parent/carer and child Meditation afternoon.

If you are a parent/carer of a child at Pen Pych Community Primary School and you like to get involved please contact

Miss Price
Head Teacher

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