Thursday, 17 December 2015

Volunteers needed at Basket Records

In order to raise funds for Sound Memories, 
my Sound Therapy & Story Project for older people; supporting them to make their own dementia friendly resources via the arts, 
I have set up Basket Records.


It's quite straight forward, if you think you can sell 10 CD's to your friends and family then you will receive a loving basket.

In each basket there are 10 CD's of my new album 'apples in the rain' a collection of recordings from my time at St.Quentin les Chardonnets, Lower Normandy as a Sound Healer at an Artists retreat.

Some recordings are under an apple tree, others are in the little church down the country lanes from the very beautiful Orchard Gites.

I am looking for Basket Records Volunteers 

... to sell a basket of CD's

There are 10 CD's in each basket and they cost 

£13.00 each

My maths isn't fabulous but I reckon that means each basket will raise a whopping 

£130.00 for Sound Memories

All monies will be returned to me and deposited into with a personal thank you for the kindness of the volunteer responsible (that's you friends)

I buy the baskets 2nd hand at the charity shops in Llandysul, so that they are a loving exchange helping someone else.

And the very first basket is going to

Greenspace Gallery 

... in Carmarthen Town Centre

Greenspace Gallery is owned by renowned artist

Dorothy Morris.

Thank you for your kind offer to stock one of the Sound Memories Baskets in such a beautiful space. You can have a good look at the Gallery by popping in for a cuppa and home made cake. The details are on Dorothy's website:-

If you are interested in being a volunteer for Basket Records, please email 
or drop me a line on facebook

Together, we are the change ...

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