Monday, 28 December 2015


A Personal Invite to join us in a 5 minute meditation wherever you are in the world
 @ 12pm on New Year's Day 
2016 UK time

We would like to invite you to sit with us, wherever you may be, to launch our exciting & innovative 5 minute meditation via film & mantra

... and then kindly share it online with all your friends on facebook, twitter and any other social media site you can think of, to help us raise awareness and funds for Sound Memories; to continue to develop an innovative new way of working within the arts, empowering those living with dementia.

You can donate to Sound Memories here:

Full Details of the Sound Memories Project 
are available here ...

When Sand Artist, Sean Corcoran, heard how I am raising funds for my collaborative arts research with older people living with dementia, supporting them through Sound therapy to develop a digital story bank of their life memories, he immediately opened his heart and offered to create a collaborative piece of work across the Irish Sea.

Sean, Co-Director of The Art Hand in Bunmahon, was drawn to my new and ever popular fundraising album 'apples in the rain' and he could not get the track OM Kali from his mind.

Please visit Bandcamp to download & purchase 'apples in the rain'
 to raise funds for Sound Memories :-

It is the tradition within Sanskrit Mantra, particularly with Tibetan Monks, that the listener does not know the definition of the mantra, does not apply pre-ordained meaning and that he/she embody the mantra to sense it from within.

Without knowing who Kali is or what she represents, Sean designed his whole beach art work whilst listening to me in mediation with the Sanskrit mantra, designing his response, an octo-sea creature, as frightening as the sailor drowning octopus who  can sink whole fleets, and yet, here she is is, so vulnerable washed upon the beach, stranded in her full beauty. Hearing her plea to heal, the sea rescues her, pulling her slowly back under the waters with salt tinged fingers, where all that is left is a memory of her in the sand.

Om Kali was written as a Sanskrit Mantra under an ancient apple tree in France, where I was resident Sound Healer for the month of September. 

The mantra calls for the empowerment and power of Kali to heal fractured hearts, enabling them to continue to travel though Universal time with respect, love and dignity as they navigate the ageing sands of time.

OM KALI film launch is a time lapse of Sean's artistic response to the Mantra on the stunning Copper Coast in Bunmahon & will be posted on this blog as well as Facebook 1st January @ 12pm.

To those of you who share with us in this New Year meditation and help to raise awareness and funds for Sound Memories, I will send reiki light and love to honour you. 

Cheryl Beer

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  1. The peace of medititave resonation be with you


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