Thursday, 5 May 2016

The Silversmith & The Sound Healer

WOWZERS, my life is truthfully a creative hub of loveliness.

As you will know, if you visit often, I have set up Sound Memories Dementia Friendly Radio and recruited 27 volunteers who are advisers, collaborators, mentors and patrons of the project.

The idea is that I hold the space and collaborate with older people to enable us to create our own dementia friendly sound resource, through life stories, including songs and poems, that I record and share on our website. 

Here's the link if you'd like to have a listen:

We have on average 60 radio listeners per week across Care Settings since launching in March 2016. It's a beautiful collaborative project but I have to come up with inventive and creative ways to fund it as we have no core funding. So, I work on the basis of being a creative, mindful that the Universe works at it's best, though reciprocity.

Following the tremendous success of our Rural Sound Mapping Pilot in the Winter/Spring months this year, Sound Memories Radio thought it would be a great idea to extend the project into the Summer months, through Coastal Sound Mapping, then people who are indoors and unable to get to the beach this Summer, can visit our Radio and listen to their favourite beaches on the Carmarthenshire Coastline.

Today was one of my more adventurous & creative fundraising ideas that popped in my head after watching a little film about a local silversmith.

After a few emails and telephone calls, I packed up my Sound Healing Studio into my beetle and pootled over to Drefach Felindre to Contemporary Jeweller, Rose Wood, who has her own lovely little Silversmith studio there.

I had asked Rose if we could make a limited edition 'Namaste' Heart pendant in solid silver, bringing together my Sound Healing instruments from around the world into her studio, to birth the silver pendants through Meditation; focussing on Gong, Tibetan Singing Bowl & chanting to manifest Creativity, Friendship & Abundance through the reciprocity of the Divine Feminine, giving Love & Peace for those who gift themselves with this opportunity and at the same time, enable Coastal Mapping to get started.

When I arrived at Rose's it was as if we had always known each other. Her studio had a loving energy about it. I set up my instruments and we got started for a long but blissful afternoon, lost in the complete now of being The Silversmith & The Sound Healer.

In my next post read about the process of our collaboration with lots of photo's and a little film clip of us at work, giving love to your bespoke, solid silver, Sound Healing 'Namaste' Hearts.

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