Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Charging Reiki Crystals with the Elements

What better way to charge my new reiki rose crystals than to return them to the loving light of Mother Nature and her elements. 

First to the River 

I placed the stones in the flowing stream and chanted one of my favourite ancient Sanskrit Mantra, treasured as a gift from a beautiful Ashram:  'Kali Kapalini'. I sang it 3 times to each crystal.

The reiki symbols shimmered in the sunshine and made my heart smile.

In particular, I was initiating my reiki stones for distance reiki. As I become more and more home based and longing for smaller environmental footsteps, so the notion of distance reiki seems more and more appropriate.

Reiki has become a very central aspect of my daily self-healing practice of Sanskrit Mantra as I naturally seem to have developed a unique way of combining the two since training as a Sound Therapist & Reiki Practitioner; it seems like the most natural and organic thing for me, as I access my inner self through mantra, that when my breath and voice leave me, they do so in the most loving way to thank the Universe for giving me back my inner singing voice.

After the river, the steady climb through bluebell woods ...

And so to embrace The Earth & Air

All the while chanting 
to the Divine Goddess within

Paying homage to the welsh slate that reminds us of our cultural history and context here in West Wales.

Until all that remains is to bring the crystals to fire ... Which I will do tonight by candle & moonlight 
with a rosary of 108 Gong Strikes 
in my Sound Studio.

Already, the crystals have been called upon for distance reiki this evening ... 

Namaste, dear ones.

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