Thursday, 5 May 2016

Silver Lined Sounds

After a cuppa and chat, Rose and I set up my Sound Healing instruments in her studio.

We set the intentions for the day to manifest beautiful loving pieces of jewellery that gave us immense joy to create also in knowing that whomever will wear them will gift themselves and bring about much joy for those in care settings who will benefit from our Sound Memories Radio Coastal Sound Mapping Project. Isn't love great the way it just keeps giving.

Rose designed the jewellery around my brief.

A solid silver heart, a little battered 
but given character by those knocks that life brings. Inscribed with the Sanskrit word NAMASTE  meaning 'I see, feel and honour the light in you that I see, feel and honour in myself.'

I played Sound Healing Music to the rhythms of Rose's work as she worked and fashioned the silver.

And soon Rose and I had manifested the first of our beautiful bespoke hand-made hearts

 But this was just the beginning on what would be a sunny afternoon of a very loving process ... 

Follow my next blog to see how our beautiful pendants were transformed ... 

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