Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Sacred Activism: Be Love

It's been a tough time the last couple of months trying to find a loving way to respond to the pain expressed by so many regarding our current political position. But during deep meditation the answer came to me. Be Love.

Yes, love is a verb, a doing word, we do love. Love is a lovely adjective but love is also a Noun! We can Be Love. 'I am love'

In response, I decided upon a 9 day quest of Sacred Activism. That is to say, being an activist for change through being love.

This started last Saturday at 9pm in my Sound Studio playing sound healing music infused with reiki and chanting healing mantra with Gong and shaman drum. 

I have invited my friends daily on facebook to leave their names and names of loved ones to receive reiki through loving light at 9pm.

What is happening is amazing. 

So many people have written to me. 

People want to Be Love

And what's more, others have been meditating and chanting to manifest love with me from their own homes at 9pm every evening.

So, it seems that if we want to change the world, we begin within. We 'Be Love' and then invite others to 'Be Love' with us.

Yesterday, in the shop, there was a man. He is one of the people that has written to receive reiki. He thanked me and said he had felt nothing at the time but much lighter and better today, when he woke up. He smiled such a beautifully deep loving smile. It absolutely made my day.

I am not talking about romantic love, or even the notion of human love on a day to day basis. I am talking about a Love that is fundamental to the Universe. 

We can see easy, the beauty in dolphins and the depth of the ocean, we wonder at the blue skies and winged birds, we marvel at flower petals and old oak trees. We are part of this love. I like to think of Universal love as the hidden mycelium that connects us all. A deep understanding of the magnificence and truly amazing nature of earthlings.

Have a beautiful day. If you would like me to include you in this evenings 9pm Distance Reiki & Sound Healing for Sacred Activism, feel free to email me
or leave a message on my facebook

Namaste, dear ones

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