Thursday, 28 July 2016

Mantra - Reiki : The Sound of Love

Connecting to the Universal light of reiki love through the medium of Meditation Music, Mantra & Sacred Song, I  feel most blissfully alive and totally present. It is for me, undoubtedly, the Sound of Love, being part of the healing, Universal infinity that vibrates within our cosmos.

Chanting ancient mantra infused with the loving light of reiki, I have found my heart wondering about our most Ancient ancestors who passed onto us this blissful way to heal through music. 

Perhaps they would call it a gift, our magic. The thing that is uniquely us as part of the whole that is The Earth.

So, when I felt a deep desire to Pilgrimage to Sacred Stone Circles & Standing Stones placed by the Ancients 4000 years ago to chant mantra that was written 4000 years ago, I did not question why or where this idea came from. I just went with it, accepted it. 

And I am so glad I did because it has been just the most incredibly connecting experience in so many ways.

From the sheer majesty of the Preseli, to the sweet smell of honey suckle hedges, I could not have envisaged how heart consuming our 3 day Pilgrimage would be. 

In some ways I feel as though we have been away for months. I am so blessed that Jeff Beer came with me to help me Archive the journey. 

In the following blogs, you will read about some things that leave you with pressing questions and other heartfelt insights that give you long awaited answers.

Some of what happened during our Pilgrimage this week is quite literally in the realms of the mystical ...

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