Monday, 21 November 2016


                                             Many Thanks to Gareth Davies on Sitar

Great News Folks! My wonderful collaborative new album The Mantra Experiments is now available to order. 

I am so grateful to all the wonderful musicians that volunteered with me to give our time and make this beautiful gift of love, so that you can immerse yourself in Mother Nature and the blissful journey of Mantra.

                                                    Many Thanks to Tim Shaw in Didgeridoo

The Mantra Experiments Album is a limited Edition Green Vinyl Effect CD with the covers being made at a Residential Home for Older People. The sales generate funds for Sound Memories Radio, a dementia friendly project that enables older people to share their life stories and listen to their local environment even if they can no longer go outside.

                                               Many Thanks to Shey Edlington on Handpan

Musicians that kindly joined me for The Mantra Experiments include Gareth Davies on Sitar, Tim Shaw on Didge, Shey Edlington on Handpan and Susan Berry on Welsh Harp.

                                              Many Thanks to Susan Berry on Welsh Harp

And off course me, chanting mantra and playing Gong, Tibetan Singing Bowls, Bamboo Flute, Ocarina, Djembe, Shaman Drum, Ting Sha, Shruti Box, shakers and Sansula. 

Mother Nature joins us too through her rain, rivers, sea and thunder.

To order, paypal £10 leaving your address or alternatively you can contact me directly to arrange a different payment like cheque or pick up in person:

Many thanks for your support.

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