Saturday, 12 November 2016

Flower of Life: The Sacred Geometry of Drums

Hello Friends,

This week I have started a new R&D process, creating very beautiful, Flower of Life Reiki Chakra Drums & it's been so lovely to have such wonderful feedback from you all via facebook. Thank you so much, it means the world to me.

As a reiki practitioner and Sound Therapist, I have spent a great deal of time setting the intentions with the drums before decorating then, setting the intentions with the drums before decorating them, honouring the loving light whilst chanting in the woods opposite my cottage and also by the fresh water stream, where i perform gratitude for water ceremonies to acknowledge and respect a stargate to the ancestors. 

The Flower of life is a very important symbol to me. It comes from what is known as a Sacred Geometry and is said to contain ancient values depicting the fundamental forms of space and time. 

In this sense The Flower of Life is a visual expression of the connections life weaves through us all, believed to contain the very basis for all living things. 

Passed onto us in designs created by the ancestors in sacred spaces throughout the world, the ancients call to us today through nature's geometric. 

The Flower of Life is a stargate that continues through the heartbeat of time. 

I have found it very powerful in meditation to visualise the Flower of Life at the heart of my Reiki Drumming in cleansing chakra. 

It is this that has been the inspiration for my new Flower of Life Drums. 

This beautiful pair below are entitled Mother & Daughter. And as I shared the journey of their creation on facebook, so commissions came in before the paint had even dried. 

Flower of life Drums are certainly my creative calling in the now and as I live and breathe the beginnings of their sacred journey, I gaze in wonder at nature's beauty through the flower of her eye.


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