Saturday, 12 November 2016

The Stargate to a Vegan Friendly Drum Journey

As a life long vegetarian myself, and someone who walks an eco- aware journey, it has been quite a difficult choice working with shaman drums. 

Yes, I honour the spirit of the animal, Yes, the drum in itself is bio- degradable, but after 32 years without eating the earth's creatures, I have been researching different ways of creating a Stargate that honours the breath and warmth of our totem and spirit animals, as well as their skin.

I was very pleased when Deirdra Barr asked me about making Vegan friendly drums. It was that bit of motivation to push me into experimenting further. 

The current birthing is  with fibre skin. 

You can see in the picture above that although the paints work differently to the animal skins, they are still very beautiful. 

Now to live and breathe the drums to see how they adjust to their new sacred Flower of Life. 

As soon as I put this picture on facebook, a dear friend purchased this drum in the picture and then that evening Deirdra and I were chatting again on facebook and between us devised her new commission: Sister Drums

I love this idea. That she is buying a drum for herself and one for a dear friend. The drums will journey together at the same time through the same creative and spiritual process. The Sisters will journey in meditation when they are together and thus, stay together even when they are apart.

So, what started at the beginning of the week as a creative experiment is now opening into a flower of so many possibilities. Who knows where it will lead. I will trust each footstep across the little stepping stones from my cottage to my Mantra Shack, which now looks like a beautiful Drum Birthing Womb.

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