Thursday, 19 April 2012

Coracle Adventures

When I visualise my central character for Fusion Inspire, he is a welsh fisherman and in my mind he looks like this photograph which is hanging on the wall in the Coracle Centre in Cenarth.

Most Fusion Inspire Mornings start like this, me and my uke checking out lyrics written in the middle of the night
on the computer in a sleepless frenzy,
structured and re-jigged in the morning ...

Then up and off for the day's adventure ... and on this day,
Cenarth Falls

 We went to the Coracle Centre but the day panned out in a way we could never have imagined!

It started at the Museum ...

I was intrigued by these little traditional welsh boats ...

Hand made from willow and bitumen ...

But I wanted to know the stories of the people adorning
the walls in photo frames ...

What was it like to be bobbing around the falls in these fragile boats dunking and washing the sheep?

The owner of the centre told us about a person who would be able to tell us all we needed to know! An elderly gentleman living in the village who had made coracles all his life, whose brother had been across the Channel in a coracle that he had made himself in 1972 that casued a real stir ...

But our story takes as many twists and turns as the coracle  itself.
I could not believe what happened next!
Read all about it in my next blog ...

Many thanks to Cenarth Coracle centre for permission
to take and share photographs.

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