Thursday, 26 April 2012

Embed Youtube Clips Training

Very excited because Melanie Phillips is here teaching me how to embed my youtube clips into my blog so that I can bring you moving images .... so I'm gonna have a go myself at putting one up ... mmm which to choose?? I know ... I'll show you Black Dog which was filmed last year with Fiona Winter & Sam Collins at Southerdown and is now part of the Black Dog Campaign with SANE to raise awareness regarding  stereotypes about mental health :))

Right here goes let's see if I can read my own notes! lol!

I DID IT (Although I have to say I do still have my lovely tutor Melanie sat right next to me .. let's see how I get on when I'm on me Jack Jones!)

Melanie is not just a computer whizz but also a fabulous artist ... her and her partner do Pet Portraits for people from all over the world .. how terribley handy that they live in the next village :))) THANK YOU POPPET!

You can see their work at:

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