Thursday, 5 April 2012

The Man of My Dreams is on his way from Ebay!

I have been dreaming about Dai Plastic
for quite some time! Here's why!

Dai Plastic is a 6 ft 2" lightweight chap with detachable limbs who was waiting for me on ebay today! And he will be delivered in the next 2 days! I am radpidly running out of space here at my place even though I have a studio, and so there will be no choice other than to have Dai Plastic sat in my bedroom for a bit while I am working on him. No wonder he looks so serious!

From quite early on in Fusion Inspire I have had a vision in my head for the final Installation .. that it works on it's own without humans .. I can see the films playing with background computer generated music (Note to self: Got to think of quirky way to project images. Thinking washing line of sheets maybe. Would like 360 degree images but options are looking too expensive, or block of old TV's but technology looking unlikely to project the films into them) ...

... And an interactive installation ... a bench made from driftwood and beach treasure, and sat on the bench a West Wales Bod! Probably a fisher man, possibly Pergrin the fisherman rescued by a mermaid on Cardigan Bay .. either way, initially I saw him as a paper maché chap but the logisitics of having somewhere to make him from chicken wire, then the transporting of him, looked tricky, until I stumbled across Dai Plastic on ebay!


Dai Plastic can make my dreams come true because he has detachable limbs and he is light weight! He'll be easy to transport  when the production tours from January 2013.

I am going to cover him in newspaper stories with a collage/dé coupage effect. The stories will all come from publications on the West Wales Coast Line.

Carmarthenshire Freecycle are very kindly collecting papers for me as a drop off point in Carmarthen and Indigo Music in Milford Havern, Pembrokeshire have very kindly arranged for me to talk with Western Telegraph about recycling their old publications.

Will need to find a drop off point in the Aberaeron/Aberystwyth/Ceredigion area ... (feel free to email me if this might be you!) Will ask a few friends on facebook me thinks ...

In the transformation of Dai to Pergrin he will need a coracle!

I am going for a visit to Cenarth Falls to the Coracle Centre this Friday to have a look some of these hand crafted fishing boats ...

My vision is that my coracle will be Graffiti Sprayed by my gifted friend Lloyd Roberts who is an AMAMZING Graffiti Artist. He did this piece for me ...

I would like the lyrics and stories from Fusion Inspire on the coracle, and it will be leaning against the Driftwood bench ... with a fishing net covered in shells and other lovely beach things ... or not so lovely beach things depending on what gets found!

Bigyn Primary School are coming to the beach with me to film a  Find Treasure piece and these trinkets from nature will be perfect for the fishing net ...

In just 2 days time I will have a man in my bedroom! Let's hope I manage to keep him long enough to take on tour!

Will post photo's once his transformation starts ... will be keeping an eye out for traditional male welsh fisherman attire, especially a dai cap with a feather in it ... mmm, thinking the feather from my day at Cardigan Bay/ Morfa Isaf. You can read about in 'How I got here' blogs at the start of this blog journey! That would make perfect circular sense ...

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