Wednesday, 25 April 2012


 Land Ahoy!

I went down to visit Amanda Painting at her place Morfa Isaf to put dates in for a Fusion Inspire Film Shoot but before scoping the beach, she showed me a very exciting project indeed :)

 This beautiful boat is going to become B&B accomodation! GENIUS!

Imagine snuggling up below deck!

Seriously, I think it's a wonderful idea and I for one fancy sailing (well, staying completely still actually!) In Mandy's new boat! It overlooks the fields reaching down to her private beach, which is where we will be doing the film shoot in October.

At the shoot will be the Arts Care Gofal Celf Dancers, Rachel Hargrave & her drummers perfomring the song I have written Mermaid Tales inpsired by sign language.

In addition the beautiful Maggie Hampton will be signing the lyrics for us as the waves wash over her feet:
Our Mother of all the Mermaids

This is Mandy's other 'project' now complete. Her Gypsy Caravan Accomodation. Perfect my for my film shoot! OH and for honeymooners or holiday makers! :)

I'll take you to the private beach where we'll be doing the shoot in a blog or so ... but first I have got to show you who we bumped into on the walk down through the fields ... 

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