Friday, 21 December 2012

Graffiti Time Lapse Edited!

You know, in my life I do lots of amazingly creative and fabulous things but it is the moments like this morning that add the cherry to my wonderfully iced cake!
I found on the doorstop, in a jiffy bag .. the TIME LAPSE film of my Dragon Tree Spray at The National Botanic Garden of Wales with Lloyd Roberts & the children of Bigyn & Johnstown primary schools

The film was made by Darren Boxer and Susan Plant and it absolutely blew my socks off!
Thank you both so much.
You will never know how wonderful it was to see my vision come to life.

You can see the end film as part of my
Dragon Tree Production
which launches at
The National Botanic Garden of Wales
on 26th January.
I have a Dragon Roots Arts Installation
in the Gallery
from 20th January
and will also be performing some of the sound tracks from the film live, with dancers
on the 26th in The Marquee
before the film showcases.
If you can't make this date, I will be then taking the whole production to
St.David's Cathedral
Oriel Y Parc and
The Cwrt House
on February 16th ...
Then to
St.Cadoc's Church.
Trevethin on 28th February
After this date my funding from the Arts Council of Wales ends, but I have already been invited to tour The Dragon Tree films with live vocals in Ireland and Italy during 2013
If you would like to book the Film Exhibition with live vocals and/or the welsh language arts installation into your venue please feel free to drop me a line ...

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