Saturday, 29 December 2012

Life is a funny old thing!

Funny old thing, life. Fragile in fact.
Christmas day, a member of my family had a stroke and our plans to spend Christmas editing and finishing were scuppered!
When someone you love has an encounter with a serious illness, it can put things into perspective.
Fusion Inspire has been my life this year and I have loved every minute of it but nothing is more important than caring for those whom you love.
So here I am, back at home on my jack jones, editing the credits for the film and going to bed with another edit read through ... when actually, I should be out dancing with the moon and thanking the powers that be that one of my loved ones is home and on the mend.

Next month the tour starts. I had been quite stressed about it, but now I embrace it.
What a joyous thing to be able to do; to bring a year's worth of creative journey and share it in wonderfully beautiful places.
See YOU there my friends!

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