Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Planting the Dragon Tree: Wall Art

What an incredible day!!
It's very hard to explain what it feels like when an idea turns into a plan and then happens!
Today, Artist Lloyd Roberts came to The National Botanic Garden of Wales. I had sent him the design brief for The Dragon Tree.
He started mapping out his design based on my brief on the Education Room walls in The Great Glasshouse. He's such a good sport! You'll notice I made him do the entire 8 hour shoot dressed in the key costume links of our Dafydd character! Hat, scarf and braces!
Darren Boxer and Susan Plant set up the lighting and the camera to take what will be 25 images a second to condense the whole day into 6 minutes of time lapse film to be used in the final production with my other films.

20 children arrived with their teachers: 10 from Bigyn Primary and 10 from Johnstown Primary School.


We divided into teams and the children set to work filling in the allocated coloured spaces on the wall.

After they had left, Lloyd did all the outlining and final touches

We had barely time to think as the caretaker needed to lock up so we cleaned up and skidaddled out of there in the stillness of the dark night.

MASSIVE thankyou's
The National Botanic Garden of Wales
Lloyd Roberts
Darren Boxer
Susan Plant
Bigyn Primary School
Johnstown Primary School
The Arts Council of Wales for my Individual Mainline Grant enabling the whole happening
... But  you know what ... thank you to ME!! Yes, little old me, for pulling it off.


And tonight, I will fall fast asleep very quickly... and dream about a little girl from nowhere who today had the design brief of her new production planted as a seed to grow on the walls deep inside The Great Glasshouse of The National Botanic Garden of Wales and that makes me smile, it makes me proud, it makes me take a sharp intake of breath, it makes me pleased that I am me!

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