Sunday, 23 December 2012

Working Christmas

Foto's taken whilst returning from recording dolphins at New Quay

HOORAH! Finished all the films! and they all link together now as one piece with the music and narration ...

To be honest I am running behind schedule and would like a few extra months before my tour kicks off but that isn't possible.

The first exhibition starts in the Gallery of The National Botniac Garden of Wales on 21st January and the first live performance and film showing is also at the Garden on 26th January!

I can't believe that's only weeks away! But I rather cleverly, it would seem now, kept my diary clear to focus full time on finishing everything between now and then.


I'm really looking forward to being home for Christmas so I can tie up all the loose ends. I want to finish the book that goes with the production cos it makes sense to launch this at the same time.

Also I have been thinking today about the film credits and I want to do something a bit different so have been sketching out ideas and I think I will make a credits film so that it's a personal thanks to all the amazing people who have taken part in Fusion Inspire: The Dragon tree rather than a rolling list of names.

This will mean making another film but I think it will be worth the extra work to do something challenging. I have promised myself that 25th December is a rest day but I my head can not stop thinking about everything I need to do so it's best to just do it so I can have some peaceful sleep.

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