Friday, 1 March 2013

Dragon Tree Film Exhibition: a personal story

In the 2nd half, the house lights went down and everyone watched my film.

What a strange feeling it is!!
Praying, literally, that the computer doesn't blip.
Off course it did! Technical gremlins have been as much a part of this tour as I have!!

It was a very magical time for me because I went to the back of the room, where  Lilly Mae, Jade and William were running around. They are wee little ones and it had been a long night for them. So I sat on the floor by the radiator and they came to sit with me. We all cwtched up quietly and I rocked them in my lap.
Then, suddenly, Jade sat up ...
'What's wrong?' I whispered.
'A mouse!' said Jade.
'Oh, it'll be fine, hush now ...' and to be honest I thought perhaps she was imagining it.
'Look!' pointed Jade ...
and lo and behold, a little mouse was scurrying uner the table, whizzing back and for looking for cake crumbs!
Well, how I didn't giggle out loud, I don't know. William (who is 5) was snoozing, i'd just got him off, and so I signed to Jade shhhhh!! and pointed at William ... who woke up.
He looked at Jade ...
'What?' he asked.
'Mouse!' she mouthed!
He sat bolt upright ... 'Oh dear,' I thought, 'I have a room full of people watching my film, and William has just discovered there is a mouse under the cake table!!'
...but bless him, he lent right up to my ear and said in his smallest voice,
'I have to go and get the mouse now.'
'William, I really need you to be a good boy. If you can sit for 10 more minutes and wait til the film is finished, I'll chase the mouse with you.'
He looked at me long and hard, as if trying to work out if I would keep my promise. But William has known me for 3 years, since he and his Mum first joined the choir that I use to run in Trevethin; William has performed in The Milennium Centre with me, been on residential in St.David's, and many other adventures ... could he trust me to chase the mouse with him? Was it worth 10 more minutes of waiting?
He smiled into my face,
'OK.' he said.

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