Friday, 1 March 2013

The Dragon Tree Live Performance at St.Cadoc's Church, Trevethin

What a cracking night at St.Cadoc's Church, Trevethin. Fabulous turn out!!

Thank you so much everyone for coming, to this, the last of the funded performances as part of my Individual Mainline Grant from T
he Arts Council of Wales

Thanks to Amanda Painting on piano, the Swansea Ukulele lads on uke, the children of Bigyn Primary school with Sam Collins
for being my extra special guests

Thanks to Rector Brian Pippen and Liz and the Ladies Guild for doing teas and coffees in teh break, and for making the bara brith!

Thanks to Jeff Beer for humping all the gear, driving and most of all for being
a fab sound engineer!

Thank you so much to The Arts Council of Wales for having given me this absolutely unbelievable opportunity this year to follow my own journey, explore my own creativity and allow me to reverse roles with the community. I have in effect, as an artist, begun to find my a new voice of my own, much in the same way
as I support others to find theirs'

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