Friday, 1 March 2013

Sam's Dream Installation

It gave me a great pleasure to be able to use part of the grant to commission work from artists who have not only become lifetime friends, but who have supported my work in the past as volunteers. I have spoken of Sam and her role in my journey before in my blog ... can you imagine how swollen my heart was to be able to give her creativity a platform in this way!

Jeff and I 'found' a ladder in the back of the church but it wasn't big enough to get to the rafters, I really wanted to hang Sam's Dream Installation over the pews ...

But as it was, it worked out for the best because hanging it from the wooden edging, enabled people to engage with it during the break

Thank you Sam.
Sam also led the children of Bigyn Primary in mind/ body movement at the St.Cadoc's Church live Dragon Tree performance
Oooo and I should add that Sam's Dream Installation is made of just some of the treasures that nature sent to me during the research phase of The Dragon tree, and she has woven her magic with willow, felt, her wonderful creativity and lots of love   ... AND ... it looks as though Sam's beautiful work is going to be a resident exhibit at The Court House in St.David's. It feels very special indeed to leave a piece of the dragon tree journey with The Court House.


  1. It has been an honour and a privilege to share this magnificent Journey with you, Cheryl. I spent hours communing with your box of treasures and wanted to create a place to display them, worthy of the inspiration they have shared with you. I have enjoyed every minute of this dance with you and all who have contributed to this production xx

  2. Thanks Sam :) The funding may have ended but the journey is just beginning my friend x


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