Thursday, 2 July 2015

And we're off!

Well, tonight is the night that my team of 
12 Wales Artists 
all different genres, representing an 
inter-generational spread of our vibrant, 
gifted and much loved Arts Community 
gather together to head off across the Irish Sea.

The list of people to thank is 
So here is a short summary ...

We would like to thank the Superman that is Sean Corcoran,  Artistic Director & the whole of his magnificent team for working so hard. 
We really appreciate you.

We would like to thank 
Tramore Tourism 
(in particular Mary Daniels)

Bus Eirrean and Eurolines
For making our travel possible 
(Trisha Lyons the treasurer of the Festival for sorting the tickets in Waterford)

We also would like to thank all the wonderful Irish people in Tramore who have given accommodation/rooms in their homes for our stay.

I would like to personally thank the Wales Artist Team, most of whom have become very dear friends over the years,  for very generously giving their time & creativity to come and join the Craic.

Thank you in advance to the many thousands of people who we will meet over the weekend. (31,000 people came to the first Promenade Festival last year!!!)

Oh, and I think I'll thank myself because against all the odds, I somehow seem to be able to continue to create magnificent collaborative opportunities to share with fellow Artists. 
It gives me great joy in my heart to hold spaces where we all have the opportunity 
to 'be' who we are.

My Nan always said to me,
'Where there's a will
There's a way.'

It is sound advice that has stood me in good stead.

All we need now is for the coach to turn up and we'll be on our way :) 

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