Friday, 21 October 2016

Performance & the Global Society

Really excited to be invited back to the University of South Wales, The Atrium, Cardiff, next week to give a Guest lecture to the Drama Undergraduates.

As part of the research for the lecture, I put a shout out on my facebook page to the Fabulously Over Fifty and was completely overwhelmed at the response. I have made a digital short to show to the students in the lecture theatre. Having just been through all my notes I think it is quite a powerful piece in the context of the whole power point presentation.

I did a lecture on the same subject last year but I am approaching it very differently this year, perhaps a little more confident to trust myself. 

Certainly I could talk about Sound Memories Radio until the cow come home but truth is, I want to make the students really think about ageism, particularly in the Arts. 

After all, the people sat in that lecture theatre next week, could well be the decision makers of the future and if I any of my work stays with them throughout their career, then I am happy  to share and pass on knowledge.

Their lecturer is the brilliant M├írtha Minier who was also my lecturer during my MA Drama. 

It will be an absolute treat to go back to The Atrium. I doubt the undergraduates realise just how incredibly lucky they are to have such a wonderful opportunity to absorb creativity in such a supportive and intellectually stimulating environment, but doubtless they will look back one day, just as I am, and feel very blessed indeed.

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