Saturday, 29 October 2016

The Mantra Experiments CD: AVAILABLE TO PRE- ORDER

I am very excited to let you know that my new CD The Mantra Experiments 

After the success last year of apples in the rain, I have been working on a second, beautiful fundraising CD for my heart project: Sound Memories Dementia Friendly Radio Station. 

It is really very lovely meditation CD with inclusive design considerations. The Mantra Experiments took place and were recorded in the lounge of our stone weaver’s cottage over the winter months with Gareth Davies on Sitar, Tim Shaw on Didgeridoo, Shey Edlington on Handpan and Susan Berry on Welsh Harp. 

The CD is a cross cultural experiment where I have channelled chants and improvised with my musician friends over afternoon tea, using my Sound Healing instruments from around the world, ocarina, bamboo flute, shaman drums, Gong, shakers, Tibetan singing bowls … letting the mantra lead me & us. Such a powerful way to create, letting go of the 'rules' and letting the sound take me on a meditative journey that I can share with you.

The tracks include 3 Ancient Mantra that you may recognise:-

 Jai Ma with Sitar, an honouring of Mother Earth to invoke her energy within us

Jai Ambe with Didgeridoo:  a chakra call to Mother Earth, the Divine Feminine as the creator of all things.

On Dum Durgayei with Welsh Harp to help us see in ourselves the space to deal with all things.

And one written by me called: Somakanta which is a call to our connection with the Moon and the tide she pulls in and out of us all.

The tracks are wonderful for meditation both in your own practice and sharing with others.

We decided to record our lovely afternoons of music and release a Limited Edition CD to raise funds for my work with Sound Memories Dementia Friendly Radio.

It really has been a wonderfully collaborative project, made completely from love by me and my friends.

Jeff Beer kindly engineered, Tina Wills helped behind the scenes, Elizabeth Mc Avoy designed the label and Ian Mc Avoy took the vocal mantra diagram at the Wyrd and Wonderful Festival. The Volunteers at Sound Memories are hand stamping the covers and you, my lovely friends, we are hoping will purchase the CD’s.

If you would like to pre-order please use paypal. The cost is £10 per CD and we will cover the p&p within this for you. Please paypal as ‘friends and family’ and be sure to leave your address.

Then as soon as they arrive in the coming fortnight, they will be sent out to you with loving light and joy.

Namaste, dear friends

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  1. nice article! Maa durga will alway stay in the heart of her devotees, daily I offer her prayers by chanting durga mantra at least once.


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