Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Respect, Gratitude, LOVE

I am writing to you today with an overwhelming sense of respect and gratitude created by the humans who have just left my little cottage in West Wales, where I hold my Mantra Meditation Fund Raising Events, so that I can continue my work with Sound Memories Dementia Friendly Radio.

    You can find out about sound memories here if you would like.


This blog is not about the radio station directly. It's about humanity, the power of friendship, the nature of giving, the cycle of love, the absolute wonder, the depth and beauty that human beings hold within them; the way they hold each other, offering love, nurture, faith, belief, and give value to one other.

The overwhelming nature of human love has taken my breath away today, it sort of snook up on me sideways.

I was so focused on giving love through Goddess Mantra & Meditation Music, raising funds for the project to survive, on sharing loving light through my practice ...  that I had somewhat overlooked the magnitude and reciprocity of love. I had not been ready for the overwhelming sense of love coming back to me.

And I share the story of today with you, my friends, in the hope that it helps you in the way it has helped me, in terms of opening up any energy blocks in relation to receiving.

In my last blog, I described the amazing time I had at Wyrd and Wonderful Festival at the weekend. The core values of Wyrd are beautiful; raising funds for local projects and charities. 

I had absolutely no idea whatsoever, that Sound Memories Radio would be one of the projects that Wyrd would support with funds raised. 

When Sheila came today, I was so happy in my heart that I could give back to her, love and nurture through meditation, so as to thank her for the wonder of wyrd, and then BOOM! She handed me a surprise envelope with £100 donation to Sound Memories! Honestly, I thought I would crumble then and there. 

We are desperate for funds. This contribution could not have come at a more appropriate time.

And I found that what I was most overwhelmed by, was not the sense of the funds, though off course, that is amazing, it was an overwhelming sense of being valued, Wyrd giving worth to my work, to the project, to all the folk who have told their story and shared their memories. We are important. We are enough.

I suppose what I am trying to say is, I felt connected to something bigger. I felt held by the loving embrace of other humans.

And then Elizabeth gave me the funds that her Tina and Ian had raised at Wyrd on the stall for Sound Memories £75!! The funds are again, amazing but it is the love that I am overwhelmed by.

Tina drove all the way to my house the week before the festival (with a really bad hand, I might add) to pick up the items for the stall and Liz literally was on the stall all weekend. The 3 of them set it all up. How utterly kind and loving is that! I can't get over it really. 

And In addition to this, we raised £152.00 from loving donations in exchange for the mediation and kind sales of my items from my kitchen fundraising stand.

And it has made me think about how the older people in the care home feel about my visits and the work we do and it has made me feel ... I can't think of a word ... truth; human; real. 

You see, Love, it is a cycle. 

And Sheila really brought that home to me today.

I was struggling to receive these wonderful gifts because they were in the form of money. 

But Sheila said we need to take the negativity out of money and learn to receive it in the love with which it is given. That is true. Why make money ugly when it is given and received in love.

Receiving is a learning curve for me. A beautiful learning curve to which I am opening my petals. A sunlight of love.

I gave my open heart, shared my loving practice of mantra & meditation music, sung sacred songs, connected to chakra sound, gave shells I have collected by the beach, candles scented with the ocean, mala beads made from the very seeds of the lotus flower. This was my love.

In return, my dear friends gave me the value, respect and energy with which to continue the Sound Memories Radio Project.

In this exchange we gave each other faith in humanity, in a different way of being, in respect, gratitude and in LOVE.

Gratitude is a river that just keeps flowing ... 

Thank you for my beautiful scarf Liz. It is so 'me'. 

Thank you for my bubbles, Shey. I will enjoy watching them drift out of my mantra shack. And off course, for your beautiful handpan pieces: magical.

Thank you for my stunning book Sheila. It is beautiful. I will keep it in my sacred sound studio.

Thank you for re-stocking my Kitchen fund raising stall, Tina, you're a diamond for rallying the troops.

Thank you for coming Jan and Vanessa, and supporting the project.

Thank you Ian for waiting for Liz outside in the car for 2 and half hours.

Thank you Jeff for hiding up in your studio with Maisy while I chanted with Goddesses in your lounge.

Thank you Universe for these amazing connections and for giving me the space to learn how to receive, as well as give love ... 

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