Saturday, 27 May 2017

Is the Solution Coming?

It was a heavy night. The air was thick. Poor Maisy was flat out on the bed, almost unable to move she was so hot. I had just managed to doze off when I felt a bright light cut through my bedroom and the rumble of thunder seemingly cracking through the ceiling.

The lightening had a direct stargate through my window,  bouncing against my head as I lay upon the pillow. Perhaps, in so doing, it charged up my brain because when I woke up in the morning, I was fully wired.

I had discussed a problem with a friend the day before regarding a new online business venture I am working on. As she and I meandered along the river through the woods, we decided that the best way to solve the problem, was to set an intention for a solution. So, that's what I did. Right there, with the river and the trees, I decided to stop worrying about the problem and trust that a solution was coming.

And after a night of lightening infusion, I awoke with the whole solution fully formed, as if it had been downloaded. I ran to my computer and tried out my theory and yes, it worked.

Still filled to the brim with fully formed ideas, I found myself at my writing table overlooking the view, and without me realising, my pen was in my hand. I let go of all thought and allowed pure expression to flow through the ink as an extension of my veins. Poems came tumbling onto the paper as if they had been queuing up all night and were keen to lay still upon the paper.

Then I thought I best get dressed because I felt well enough to get on with my day and what a day it was (see last blog).

And so now, I am wondering about how I have previously lived my life. As a younger woman I was so urgent , pressing and pushing and thinking that I could force answers into being, when in actual fact, the answers are already fully formed, right here inside me, wrapped up lovingly in the questions. The solution is not coming. The solution is already here. In this thought I realised, that since my hearing disability, I have felt as though my life were shrinking, but for sure, by the same token, it is also getting deeper.

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