Thursday, 11 May 2017

Rain Scribble : An Artistic Collaboration with Mother Nature

Being in my shed is a lovely escape from the world. Today it was raining and I was a bit worried that the noise on the shed roof might be disturbing for my hyperacusis, which is a sound intolerance to certain frequencies in my tinnitus.

Anyway, the rain did not disturb it, on the contrary, it was actually very soothing and soon took me away from what I was doing, to wonder how best to artistically engage with Mother Nature.

I had to be quick because the rain might stop. Such is the way here ... showers/ on and off, sunshine/ on and off, as if someone were playing around with rain and sunshine switches.

So I grabbed my water colour pencils and started scribbling quickly and then hanging the water colour scribble in the rain to see what happened.

Then something very interesting occurred ...

I found that I really enjoyed scribbling ... just like when I was little in primary school and someone handed me a box of chubby crayons ... 

There was something very relaxing and fun about it and off course the excitement of wondering what the rain would do to the water colour pencil.

Then I brought the Rain Scribbles into the shed to dry ...

This blue one is my favourite and the next shower we have, I am going to dash back to the shed and write a poem in response to the rain, which I will then incoporate into the rain scribble.

And then I had to stop and smile at myself, joyous at what fun I was having.

(The term 'Rain Scribble' was suggested to me by my dear friend & fellow creative, Miranda Betts, after I had told folks on facebook about scribbling in the rain. Thanks Miranda)

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