Monday, 5 June 2017

A Love Affair with Yarn

When my friend Caroline said she would come round and teach me how to crochet, little did I know that she was gifting me a love affair with yarn!

By focusing on my sense of touch, I figured that crochet might distract from the constant ringing in my head that is the nightmare I live with called tinnitus and I was right.

After she had gone home, I thought the crochet hook seemed a bit fiddly, so I decided to use my fingers. It was bliss. I was like a heady teenager falling head over heels. Pretty soon wool seemed to be manifesting itself all over the house.

Trouble is, you can't really do that much with finger knitting. Let's face it, a finger knitted scarf isn't going to help too much when the cold sets in. 

I ended up with miles of it and then it struck me.

I have always yearned for yarn bombing. I think it's so jolly and there, right in front of me, waiting to be yarn bombed, the newel posts to our stairs.

I was on a woolly mission and nothing could stop me.

Worried that my dog may end up yarn bombed if she sat still for long enough, I started to think of new ways to apply my passion ... which I am working on at the moment.

Then facebook friends started sending me other types of finger knitting and yarn bombing. So I have learnt to finger knit with 2 fingers, and then 4 and now I am thinking I might learn to arm knit ... Good Lord, I may even learn to knit with my toes, who knows.

Thing is, if you had ever told me at any point in my life that I would be a yarn addict, I would not have believed you. But I am drooling over hand dyed & lusting after new blends.

And all this from the kindness of a dear friend who gave up an afternoon to come and teach me something that she knew would be very healing, but if she had told me, I could never have realised just how much.

Now I completely understand why Grandmothers are always knitting and why we love wearing their jumpers.

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