Tuesday, 2 May 2017

In search of a heart centred way to run an internet business

So here I am, dealing with my new home-based lifestyle, tailored around my hearing loss, tinnitus and hyperacusis, having a wonderful time writing all manner of things in my little garden shed, like my new book, my Guided Meditation CD and a new idea called Bespoke Fairytales for folk getting married ...  

But hand on heart, I am wondering how on earth I will make a living that can actually pay the rent, given that I am struggling to cope, even in small groups of people. Although I am hoping this will get better when I receive my hearing aids, my life style is almost the polar opposite to what it was before this change and the ongoing complications with my hearing. How on earth am I going to bring my heart centred work to the world in a way that feels morally right and earns me an income?

And then I realise that my route to the world is potentially right here, literally at my finger tips. The Internet. 

So, I start paying a little more attention to the plethora of men and women, who can not wait to tell me everyday on my facebook feed, how to make a living on the internet, as long as I click the link, sign up to their this, subscribe to their that and I think actually, no, there has to be another way to reach people on the internet, an open- hearted and loving way that has a sense of purpose, of making positive change to the world, that focuses on making a difference rather than making millionaires. 

And this now, is the basis of my market research, finding examples of open, heart centred ways of taking my creativity to market. 

When I find some examples I will share them because I am surely not alone in thinking that there has to be a more loving way to share our work and earn a living online.

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