Sunday, 12 July 2015

Falling in love ...


Yes, I am falling in love. It is a beautiful feeling. I wake up excited and go to sleep smiling.

The person I am falling in love with is someone I have known all my life but she got lost amongst all the things she thought the world wanted from her. She had lost sight of her inner self, disconnected with her soul. Off course, she had not realised this. So long things had been the way they were, that she genuinely thought she was living the truth. Having said that, she must have felt something was missing as she embarked on a journey in search of presence, in search of her authentic self.

Stripped, naked, bare finally her journey led her to me and I really like her.

She is loving and caring, funny, clever, she has the ability to reach people, to bring them on a journey together, to help them believe in themselves & make change to the world. 

She is ... Me!

I am falling in love with me. I have started smiling at me in the mirror. This has resulted in me smiling back at myself and honestly, that creates a shine inside me. And to think I spent all those years frowning at myself in the mirror?

Small things make a huge impact.  On the way to work, I had no time for breakfast. This happens a lot. But this week, I thought to myself, I am going to stop and have breakfast on the way to work today because I deserve to have breakfast

If I was someone else that I cared about, I would have said, STOP the car and go and get breakfast. 

Do you know, I actually cried at the thought of being kind enough to myself to allow myself to be 10 minutes late for work to get some food.

I did stop, I had porridge and a coffee. It was delicious. I felt nurtured, loved and ready. I didn't feel like crying anymore, instead I had that feeling you get when someone loves you.

And guess what, I wasn't late for work either. I was on time instead of being my usual 10 minutes early and I was set up for the whole day.

I tell you this friends, to inspire you to learn to fall in love with your self. It is not an easy journey and indeed I am only in the early stages of learning how, but it really is a wonderful feeling and well worth embracing.

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  1. Bravo Chez! Couldn't have said it better myself. Just what I needed to hear right now. Thank you xx


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