Monday, 13 July 2015

somakAnta in Tramore

After walking sand circles on the beach, I set out
to perform my collection of 13 mantra based on the life cycle of a woman from birth to be re-birth.

I had imagined that this would be a journey around the town into 13 different spaces but I soon realised that the festival is not about places, it is about people and SomakAnta became a sharing of 13 mantra with 13 different people/groups of people.

I met some beautiful and wonderful people on the journey. 

For each connection, I lit for them a tealight candle and placed a shell with a heart shaped piece of slate from the quarry here in West Wales, and rose quartz. 

I left them with the shell as a memory aid. I had chosen 13 shells specifically for this sharing from my beach in New Quay to bring for the people of Tramore.

These connections happened on the street, outside cafes, in the Tourist centre, wherever I felt drawn to a person or collection of people.

Each mantra worked on it's own as a piece as well as a collection. Such a wonderful inter-exchange of loving energy. 

Now I will decide what to do with somaKanta here, in Wales, but the lessons learnt from it in Tramore, will shape my thoughts as an artist, for a lifetime.

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