Monday, 13 July 2015

Mother of Pearl

Mother of Pearl Cafe is run by Mona, a beautiful creative soul who welcomed us with open arms and love in her heart.

I had asked that all of us in the team came together, even Dom before he whizzed off to (try to) catch an early ferry home for work) for a final sharing at 4.00pm.

As the festival goers started their journey home, some of them stayed with us for another 2 hours of poems, dancing and song.

For me, I was very privileged to be able to sing the song I had written with Ger & Ciaran the night before on their comfy sofa, right there in the cafe. 

Ciaran had been adamant he wouldn't perform, but I gave Ron the eye and he worked his magic. 

Afterwards, Ciaran said that the time had just felt right. 

It was very generous of Ciaran to let us have his spot in Mother of Pearl where he regularly plays on a Sunday afternoon, and a very fine guitarist he is, too.

Mark, our actor, danced, Mab, our poet, sang, Laura, our dancer, read her first ever poetry ... interspersed with Ron's poignant lyrics, Paul's captivating melodies and Anne's layered stories. Sam & Laura danced to Mab's poems, and all the while, we supped Mona's coffee and ate her scrumptious cakes.

At 6pm we meandered down to the front to meet Sean and his team, where Sam and I danced tango with the public.

I don't remember having ever gone to bed with such a big smile on my face and with so much love in my heart.

Thank you Sean, Mary, Kieth, Trisha, The Team, Tramore Tourism, the 'Adopt an Artist' homes, the hotels, the pubs & B&B's, the cafes who hosted us. The lovely folk of Tramore who embraced us. Thanks to my Artist team for being inspirational.

See you soon my friends.

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