Monday, 13 July 2015

Sunday Morning

We were up early Sunday morning and down to Tramore Radio station where I was set the task of interviewing all 11 Welsh Artists at once. 

I have had a bit of experience on the radio. Some of you may remember my stint as a presenter on the Late Night Love Show for Bridge FM & Galaxy (which I always giggle at as something of an irony!)

But I have not interviewed folk on the radio more than in multiples of 1! 

It is not an easy task to interview 11 people at once so I asked the team to think of it as a team meeting, that I would go to them one by one to ask the highlight of their yesterday and what was in store for today. I had spoken to them all individually about what they had been up to so I could cue them if needed. It would be a wonderful opportunity for us to listen to each others' work and to tell the festival what was to come.

I also asked the team to only speak as a group if invited to.

What I did not know was that we were actually going out live over the internet and is was being streamed onto the whole Promenade, throughout teh festival.

All day, people came up to congratulate me on a great radio show. What a completely unexpected gift from Tramore. I came out of the studio thinking ... crumbs, I didn't know I could do that! ... and I felt so incredibly proud of the magnificent work that my Welsh Artist team were doing.

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