Saturday, 22 April 2017

The Voice of the Navajo Stones : Is there such a thing as random?

In my last blog I showed you how I made a set of Native American Story Stones. This evening I have been pulling the stones randomly from the little bag and writing whatever story comes. 

I think there is such a beauty to the simple nature of the story but I am intrigued to know if this process truly is 'random'. 

What if there were some deeply spiritual connection to me, as the maker, the ancient rock from whence they came, the rolling seas that smoothed them, the mystique history of the symbols themselves. What if  within these little stories, lay ancient paths? What an exciting thought.

Tomorrow, I will look up the spiritual significance of these symbols to the Native American peoples.

For now, it is time to dream of new adventures and sleep in the knowledge of loving kindness from the Earth. 


  1. It seems to me that this is perhaps a forerunner of Tarot and similar divination methods that enable synchronicity to give meaning to symbolism. Is this how we listen to our psyche?

    Stone ;) x

  2. Interesting concept Ryoston ...


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