Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Crystal Mapping: Special Offer

I'm so excited to be training as a Crystal Therapist. I have my new training manual and all my crystals are charged up ready for my first residential next month. To celebrate the launch of this journey I have put together a very Special Offer.

30 Crystals that serve as a map to well being for your mind, body, heart, spirit & soul.

All my crystals were chosen with the guidance of my dear friend and Qualified Crystal Therapist Debbie Lawrence.

I have charged them all with the sound vibration of the gong and cleansed them with the loving light of reiki.

Each set of 30 crystals comes with a Crystal Map telling you which crystal is which and what ancient healing powers are attributed to that crystal. That's why I have individually wrapped them with the corresponding number.

The Special Offer price for a limited period is £25.00 plus postage. I know! Absolute bargain but it's not about money. I want you to be feel the excitement and benefit of owning such a uniquely beautiful set. When I am with my Crystal Map it fills me with joy so I just know it will you, too.

If you'd like one, get in touch HERE.

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