Friday, 24 November 2017

Gratitude in Bloom

I went back to school today to do the final evaluation of our Young Promoters Project kindly funded by Night Out, The Arts Council of Wales. 

How lovely to receive a bunch of flowers from the children and staff who took part in the Scheme, thanking me for my work with them. The children so excited to give me them.

It has been  the most wonderful experience, being back in school. I am so grateful to the children and staff for being so utterly kind to me and totally understanding of my hearing disability. 

One little lad, who himself wears a hearing aid, told me, 'Cheryl, you might be deaf but you're brilliant.'  I was truly moved by this. 'So are you,' I replied and he smiled his cheeky smile.

Well, as you can imagine, I have been flying high all day,  knowing that I have inspired children to get involved in theatre, yes, but that I have also inspired them to be kind, likely the most important of all life skills.

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