Thursday, 2 November 2017

Sound Memories Dementia Friendly Radio

As Sound Memories Dementia Friendly Radio moves to Quiet Space Studio with me this week, there are some exciting things in the pipeline. 

Since March, I have only been well enough to keep the radio station ticking over but now that my mojo is tip toeing her way back (since my hearing aids) then it feels right to step back into the arena.

I have a number of projects that I have pitched for so watch this space and pray. I've got no core funding for this project and depend totally on contracts and good will, mostly mine! But it feels like such important work. 

I particularly want to develop the Environmental Soundscapes which we call Story Sound Maps but are actually Ethnographic Sound Maps as they are tailored to meet the sound backdrop of those living with dementia in our area, and the digital stories are then shared on the radio station for our 500 plus listeners to enjoy. Here's an example from a local farm of 2 very pregnant sows the day before the piglets arrived.

We also want to develop our inter-generational conversations through working in education following the success of our Voices of the Valleys Project earlier this year where I trained children from 7 schools, in the collation of oral histories and making of digital stories with the older community in Rhondda Cynon Taff. Here's an example ... 


I will leave you with this thought: Sound is the last memory to leave us. It is an old friend reminding us of who we are.

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