Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Storytelling in the Woods

If you want to feel your heart beat, your soul sigh, your mind let go and your body sing, go to the woods in Spring. We're so lucky here because there is a woods literally across the road from our cottage. Woods are lovely places, aren't they? Not scary like a dense forest might be. 

Our woods is bathed in light and the constant flow of the stream is the perfect backdrop for storytelling, so today, as the sun popped her head around the corner, I started filming one of my new stories.

Before leaving the woods, I sang a chant to her trees, thanking her & them for such a wonderful afternoon. 

Jay Ambe Jagadambe 
Mata Bhaavani Jay Ambe

The English translation of the Sanskrit is ...
All love and honour to you
Creative Power of the World
Mother of the World
One who gives all things existence
She who gives birth

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