Thursday, 16 August 2012

African drums & Street Dance at Arthur's Stone

The universe threw up a new opportunity for my Dance and Drumming Film Shoot
at Arthur's Stone, Gowerton.

Martin Kurina from DCC Street Dance stepped in due to a cancellation. Bless him! He looked so dapper in his 1940's Fisherman outfit.

Martin represents the main character Dafydd in the shoot for my Fusion Inspire filmscape.

In the production at this point, Dafydd has caught the Steam Train and found himself at Arthur's Stone in Gowerton. He has just left the children of the ribbons at The Wind Farm as part of his quest to find the key to his memories and has been told  to find himself ...
stuck between a rock and a hard place


Arthur's Stone has so many myths and legends
attached to it and I have written a song to encapsulate all them. One of these tales is that women over the centuries have brought cake to the stone and circled it, on their knees, 3 times. By so doing their lovers will marry them. 


Taran are led by Patricia Mc Kenna from Swansea and are an awesome percussion band. The band represent the women coming back to the rocks and demanding their cake back as they are unhappy with the marriages that the rock landed them in!

I am taking an old folk story and adding to it, the politic of today.

It really was quite magical to film Martin street dancing through improvisation to the beats of Taran. On a rainy day the Sun Goddess blessed us with 2 hours of sunshine.

 Just enough time to get the filming wrapped up!

 Before Taran climbed back into their
Rhythm Machine until next time!
Many thanks to everyone for an absolutely stunning experience ...

You can catch Taran performing at Celtic Womenfest 2012 at The National Botanic Garden of Wales on Sunday 26th August at @ 6.00pm

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