Thursday, 23 August 2012

First full song draft!


Am in the studio today putting together the first full song draft! It's very exciting indeed! Listening back to my work as all the pieces become whole.  A whole collection of song, film, story, poetry and music about my beautiful West Wales Coastline, past, present and future.
It's not really a jigsaw puzzle because  there is no 'picture on the box lid' to follow: I am creating the picture as things come together and it feels like complete freedom! This is where I belong ... re-finding my own  creative world. It's quite emotional to be honest.
I am lost in holding the space for Celtic Womenfest 2012 at the moment where I am Creative Director of Wales' Biggest Ever all women festival line up this Bank Holiday ... but this time out focussing on my own work is like a havern ... it reminds me why I create the space for others ... so that they can feel this freedom too.

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