Friday, 10 August 2012

Afternoon Tea on The Gwili Train

What a fabulous day filming for Fusion Inspire with Ollie and his Dad, Rob.

I first met the pair at The Tin Shed Experience in Laugharne when they came to an earlier Fusion Inspire film shoot with me as part of
Swansea Ukulele Group.

They looked so beautiful on camera that I invited them to come to the Gwili Train so that I could film them taking afternoon tea ...

I will edit and use this footage with cuts from the film I made on my last Fusion Inspire visit to Gwili Steam Train, when I was kindly invited to film up front in the engine itself.

It is very moving to watch Rob & Ollie together, Father and son; touching. My heart almost melted watching them through the lense ...
and I wasn't the only one!

When I asked Ollie to put his arms around his Dad's neck and kiss him, all the women on the train taking afternoon tea Awww'd in chorus!

Neither Ollie nor his Dad are actors. In fact, it's the first time they have really done anything like this. But the pair responded to direction brilliantly.

When I asked Ollie to look sad, he looked sad, when I asked them to laugh their heads off, they did! I think maybe the very fact that they are not professional actors works totally in their favour. It is truly magical to be in their company and quite frankly, when it was time for them to leave, and Ollie said they were going to the Park to play, I kind of wished I was going with them!

I have so much inter-film editing to do now ... it's making me a bit edgey! I have stayed on top of editing the films individually, but it's linking them all together and finding a way to project them onto a back drop and deciding how to perform with them ... and and and .... keeps me awake at night!

Oh yes, and these last 3 photo's were taken by Ollie ...

Thank you Rob and Ollie for your kindness in coming for a gloriously sunny afternoon to be filmed eating scones!

Thank you to The Gwili Steam train who were so accomodating. What lovely people they are, and all volunteers.

Certainly, I can say hand on heart, that it is a fabulous experience having afternoon tea on a steam train. Actually, I think I may well call in again very soon ... thanks guys x

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