Sunday, 5 August 2012

Hi Honey, I'm Home!

Hi honey I'm home!

Well, my body is, not so sure about my heart!
I've been a Musician in Residence at an orphanage in Belarus with an AMAZING Youth Work team who have been facilitating a Summer Playscheme via Leaves of Hope, a wonderful charity founded by Val Cousins:

It was a very emotional time where tears of joy merged with those of despair ... but it gave me time to relect; reflect on me as a person, on humans, on childhood, on the universal language of song and in those quiet hours before sleep, to reflect on Fusion Inspire: The dragon tree. Thoughts about how I am going to structure it now that I enter into the second half of the mainline grant and how to infuse it with love and meaning.

I have been listening today to my draft tracks and thinking about the way forward and will be buckling down to the final phase of tying the loose ends together for the story line, before rehearsing the musicians and getting ready for the performances/tour after Christmas.

Time is quite literally whizzing by!

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