Wednesday, 12 April 2017

CUBES: One step at a time

Quite a big step forward for me today. I have been tending to avoid gatherings due to my hyperacusis. When a large group of people are talking at the same time, it is painful and I can physically feel myself withdraw like a hedgehog when it sees a human.

However, my Audiologist gave me a stern talking to this week and explained that my hyperacusis is due to my brain trying to make sense of my hearing loss. He said that if I keep retreating from sound, my intolerance will get worse and worse. He has seen people with my condition end up 'prisoners in their bedroom' as their sound intolerance gets wider and wider.

He advised the best way for me to re-train my brain is to place myself in the environments that I find hard, for short bursts to start with and then build up.

So, what better opportunity to test his theory then the first meeting of CUBES a new and exciting collective arts project being set up by visionary, Rachel Stelmach in Lampeter.

As an Arts collective, we are now working together with the owner to change a long term empty shop premises into a Shop/Gallery for local artists and crafts people.

I am going to rent a cube for my project Parlour Press Publishing, Books and CD's. Up until now Parlour Press has published community publications, where I have supported folk to write & publish but now I am shifting so that it also embraces my own work. This will sit well with having fully stepped into my life as a writer.

See how the Universe helps you out? 

I was just thinking how I could have a local point of contact and/or sales outlet for my work, and I receive the e-mailout from Rachel inviting me to the meeting.

 had replied that I couldn't come due to my hyperacusis but I thought if anyone is going to be understanding of my needs it will be Rachel, as she is the West Wales Disability Arts Cymru Officer. 

I am so pleased I plucked up the courage to go. She managed the group so well. One person at a time spoke, so I could just about manage to get the gist of what folk were saying. I got to meet lots of new people and friendly like souls, as well as see their work and listen to them enthuse about it.

What a great turn out for a first meeting. Can't wait to see where this journey leads.

Once the meeting had ended and everyone was talking at once, I made a sharp exit. One step at a time. 

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