Wednesday, 12 April 2017

We are apple trees

Part of my role as Creative Digital Developer at the Storytelling for Health International Conference is designing a new website for our project: Stories for Change.

Being part of the Stories for Change Resident Storytelling Team is amazing. We really are making a difference to people's lives through training New Storytellers in Health Settings.

One of the things that Storytelling Trainees said that they wanted to see on the new website is a Storytelling Library, so I have been busy making one.

The little video above is my contribution. The film footage is from my residency at an Artist's Retreat in Lower Normandy, France. It is one of my self penned stories from my new book to be published later this year. 

I recorded my story and everyone else's around the table at our team meeting. Hence, A Tableful of Storytellers.

When the website goes live, I can't wait to show you it. Meanwhile, here is a link to the Conference:

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  1. Wow! What a really neat idea! I am so glad to have read about an inspiring and creative way to bring joy to those who most need it. This is a great way to ensure that they can heal themselves not only with medicine but with the love that is shown to them on a daily basis!

    Lucius Cambell @ Skild


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