Friday, 14 April 2017

Sacred Shed

Another wonderful day of writing in my shed. I think the reason why it feels so utterly beautiful is the ceremony I build before even opening my laptop. 

Off course, first I have to clear all the boxes that are stacked up in there, re-arrange the garden table and chair, then I cleanse the space with palo and incense. 

I light sacred candles from special places, offer dried flowers that I have saved from gifts or temple visits. 

I bring the Earth, Air, Fire and Water in with me but there is another element that I think changes everything. It is what Aristotle called The Fifth Element. Quintessence: an energy that flows through us as heavenly bodies. 

Well, sitting in my shed writing to my heart's content certainly feels heavenly to me.

And it dawns on me right there and then, just as joy fills my entire being, that the purpose of being a human, is to be the human I am meant to be.

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