Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Beauty Revealed by Decay

The last few days, during our dog walks to the park, I have found myself very drawn to things that are in a state of decay and yet through this process, have found a new beauty. It inspires me to look through my own cracks and see what is emerging as a result.

When I came to share the photographs on facebook, I responded to them in poetic thought, right there in that moment. The words came very easily and I think this is because there is something about the image that has already spoken to me in its own poetic, during my photographic capture of it; it is why I was drawn to the image in the first place.

Tomorrow, if the weather stays as beautiful as it has been here in West Wales, I am going off to hunt for more 'Beauty revealed by decay' as an experiment with regard to my poetic responses in relation to changing self.

Here is today's ...

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