Tuesday, 13 June 2017

The Aroma of Spirit

As part of my healing practice for tinnitus and hyperacusis, I have been falling in love with my other senses through holistic therapies and creativity. I spoke in an earlier blog about how wool and aromatherapy have been a Godsend. 

Hugging Cherub Set for Mother & Daughters infused with Geranium Essential Oil

So now, I have started combining the wool and aromatherapy, putting all my love into making aroma infused spirit bracelets. It really is such a beautiful way to heal.

Sunshine over the Hills: Commission with Frankincense Essential Oil for Cerebral Well Being

For sure they lift my spirit when I am making them, I put all my love into them.

I shared pictures of my Aroma-Spirit Bracelets with my friends on facebook and they started commissioning me to make them. 

Love & Passion Buddha Commission with Roman Chamomile Essential Oil

They are totally bespoke to the size of the person's wrist and choice of chakra colours, as well as the essential oil that will ease their mind & make their heart sing; from ylang ylang to chamomile, from frankincense to cedarwood. 

I use DoTerra 100% therapeutic grade, ethically sourced, essential oils

Whatever the focus for their healing, I infuse the wool as I am making it. It's wonderful because I get the healing benefit of my woollen tactile mantra infused with wonderful aromas and I am helping others at the same time.

Air & Sea Commission infused with Frankincense

Something so simple and yet so utterly heart warming. If you would like more details come and chat with me on facebook

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