Thursday, 29 June 2017

Welcome to Quiet Space Studio & Gallery

I am so excited to share my new venture with you. For some strange reason, I had this idea that I needed a separate blog for Quiet Space Studio & Gallery. I suppose before I had moved in I didn't realise how utterly beautiful it would be or even if it would work. But what I have found, is that it has very quickly become my heartbeat, a place of immense love. 

It really is the most healing space. I play meditation music softly in the background, I have essential oils in my cold air diffuser & a writing desk set up for when a poem or story comes.

There's a comfy seated area to knit and make &  a beautiful exhibition window.

I find that it has re-sparked my deep need to create and I find myself working on 2 new exhibitions and I also have 2 to install for the Summer. 

Quiet Space has given me back a sense of connection to the world. Friends call in, I have meetings there, folk passing peer in and wave. I am part of something instead of being isolated at home mourning my hearing loss. 

I have 2 fundamental questions that Quiet Space can answer: - Is it possible to create a work environment that nurtures my new health needs? 

The second is more an exploration of arts based mediums to see if I can find quiet ways to express words, now that sustained music and song can no longer be part of my life: I am experimenting to see if I can find a new voice through multi and mixed media. 

Anyway, I digress ... just to say that from today, I will blog about my Quiet Space journey here at Fusion Inspire, where it should have been all along. 

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